The Boi Cast – Ep. 4 – Is FIFA “Dead”?


On episode 4 of The Boi Cast we discuss the question on everyone’s mind – Is FIFA 16 “dead”?

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  • We do like realism. I don’t mind 1-0, 1-1 games. I don’t mind sweat and even pacey games. But it does bother me that high pace is more of an advantage than high passing or shooting. That’s what bothers me about the game. The fact that a 60 pace defender runs as fast as a 90 forward, but can’t figure out his positioning when a lobbed pass comes. The fact that the way to handle overpowered lobbed passes was to nerfed them, instead of fixing defender positioning. The fact that double coverage makes defenders run into each other or cause a penalty. The fact that there are invisible walls everywhere. The fact that refs are stupid, don’t understand advantage rule and never give cards even when tackles from behind cause injury or impede goals.

    So, ya: EA needs to rebuild the engine instead of patching it every year. It’s down to a point where every patch causes more issues than it solves.

    I want a realist game, where intelligence and, for example, manual controls are rewarded with accuracy and results, even against pacey players.

    I’ve been playing FIFA since FIFA 95 and FUT since FIFA 12. I’m not a newcomer. I’ve also been watching football since I was a baby, and understand “realism” very well.

    That’s just my 2 cents, bro! Thanks for the podcast! 🙂