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All good things must come to an end.

Today marks my last day as FIFA Community Manager at EA SPORTS as I’ve decided to explore new adventures.

Very few people in this world can say they have worked at their dream job, so I feel very lucky to be part of that exclusive group.

Growing up, all I ever did was watch football and all I ever wanted to do was work on video games.

My average day in university consisted of reading Kotaku and NeoGAF during class, leaving class early to watch Champions League, and then skipping the next class to play FIFA ’05 in my dorm. Good thing your GPA doesn’t matter like it used to.

Honored to meet the legend @Pele! #E3 #E32015 #FIFA16

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So the last 3 ½ years at EA were literally a dream come true. Imagine a job that lets you bury yourself into not just one, but two of your favourite things in the world? A job that lets you have meetings in Camp Nou? A job that lets you meet the one and only Pele?

But after you achieve one dream, the only thing left to do is find a new challenge. And that challenge is this:

While pursuing offline goals I will be streaming FIFA on Twitch full-time. 

A bold switch, but taking risks is what life is all about. I’ll also be working on other forms of FIFA content (videos, podcasts, etc) and writing here on this blog too. I’d like to think I have interesting point-of-view having seen both sides of the gaming fence.

Like you, I’m just another gamer. The only difference is that one day I decided that I really wanted to see what’s it like on the other side.

But before I go, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to EA SPORTS for letting me launch the world’s greatest sports title four times and work on the world’s greatest game mode FIFA Ultimate Team. An unforgettable, life-changing learning experience. I know many of you aren’t their biggest, but man… there are some genuinely good people there that work hard for you guys.

And I want to give thank to you, the FIFA community. The most passionate community out there. If I could describe you in one word it would be “pure class”.

SQAUDDDDDD! @spenfc @kazooie94 @fifaralle @alexosipczak @castro_1021 #curling

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Some of you show your passion in different (sometimes obnoxious) ways, but it’s all passion nonetheless.

Shout out to the forumers, the redditors, and even the guy on Twitter that told me to step on Lego in the dark. Shout out to my subs, followers, and mods on Twitch. Shout out to all the Youtubers and streamers, Futhead, and FUTWIZ. Thank you to everyone in the community. You’re all the real MVPs.

I haven’t asked for much in the past, but all I ask is for your support as I start this new journey. And to also be nice to whoever replaces me eventually.


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For the next week I’ll be taking some much needed “post-FIFA launch” time-off to spend time with my family. However, I hope you’ll join me for The Send Off Stream next weekend on Sunday, October 18th… my first stream after leaving EA. Be sure to follow me on Twitch to know when it goes live.

I’ll enjoy watching from the stands from here on.

The hype was, and will always be, real. Someone hold @IAmFrench for me.

In b4 “he didn’t do anything anyway”.

Yours truly,
The Boi


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  • Scott

    All the Best Chu. Thanks for Everything

  • Dave

    he didn’t do anything anyway

  • Taylor

    Thanks Chu, I’m sure you’ll do great on twitch!

  • Luca

    All the best for you Chu, I’m definetly gonna watch your streams 🙂
    A huge ‘Thank You’ from Germany, Chu

    P.S.: The Whitecaps are amazing but it’s a pity that the shipping of the kits (to Germany) is so expensive so I can’t get One 🙁

  • pantera

    a lot of thanks playboi, greetings from Argentina!

  • DeadLinks

    You’re the best bro. Good luck in your future projects!

  • Denis


  • Liam Brown

    Thanks chu. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  • Chuboimyman

    What an lad. <3

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