Gear: Logitech C920 Webcam


Many people ask me which webcam I use when I stream on Twitch.

I use the most reliable webcam on the market right now: the Logitech C920.

When I first started on Twitch I asked several other streamers the same question. They all gave me the same answer: the Logitech C920. There’s a reason why it’s #1 best-selling webcam on Amazon.

My favourite pieces of equipment are the ones that are so reliable I forget they’re even there. I’ve owned my C920 for about 5 months  now and it hasn’t given me a single problem so far.

The quality is brilliant for a little webcam. It records full  1080p HD video on Twitch & Skype (on Amazon it says it only does 720p for Twitch but you can set it to 1080p on OBS). Plus it can double as a decent camera for YouTube vlogs if you want to save money while you start out.

The sound is decent as well. It uses two microphones to capture natural stereo audio and filter out background noise. Again, good to start off with for streaming, but I’d suggest getting a standalone mic once you start getting serious.

Right now Amazon is selling the Logitech C920 for 40% off in the US and 45% off in the UK this Cyber Monday week only.

If you’re new to streaming I highly recommend you pick it up for this price! That’s the lowest I’ve seen for brand new… certainly wish it was this cheap when I got mine! 😂

[US] Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for $59.99

[UK] Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for £49.99

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