Hello and welcome to ChuBoi’s official FIFA blog! Some of you may know as the for my previous work at EA Sports where I was the FIFA Community Manager for 3 1/2 years.


My teammates always said I didn’t pass or defend!


After a great experience at EA I’ve decided to take up streaming FIFA full-time on Twitch! I’ll also be bringing you great FIFA content though YouTube videos, podcasts, and articles right here on this blog.

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  • Jae Kim

    hello chuboi. I am a big fan of you and big fan for your work in the Fifa community. My name is Jae and I am student who loves football and Fifa. I am a ultimate team player. Recently I got my account hacked twice in 1 week. First time ea gave me a compensation and second time they gave me almost nothing. When I ask them why, they keep denying and denying about what is going on and they keep telling me they cant resume this case and lie to me everytime. I basically got scammed and I cant even play Fifa because I have not a lot of coins. I feel that since I have no power they can treat me in an unfair way. Can you help me get my missing players back? I know you are a big person in the fifa community you can do something. also I know it is just not me dealing with this. Many innocent fifa players are dealing with this.
    please email me back jaemessi61@gmail.com. I really need your help