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4 Ways to Make Coins During the Black Friday Crash in FIFA 17


Guys: millions of coins can be made during the Black Friday market crash in FIFA 17. Are you going to take advantage of it?

During Black Friday & Cyber Monday EA releases tons of pack offers and lightning rounds. A ridiculous amount of packs will be opened! What does that mean…?

Crazy amount of packs being opened = too many cards on the Transfer Market.

Too many cards on the Transfer Market = player prices start to drop.

And with 96 ST Ronaldo in packs even more packs will be opened than expected.

So are you ready to make some profit? Here are four ways to do it.

Buy Popular Weekend League Players


Think about players you frequently come up against in the FUT Champions Weekend League.

Dunno about you, but I always see Premier League teams with Kante, Smalling, Koscielny, and Vardy. Those are just some examples. Just think of OP players (probably under 30K) from top leagues that you see everyone use in the Weekend League. This means they’re generally high in demand. 

Take a look at their prices just before Black Friday. Chances are they’ll bounce back somewhat close to that price come the next Weekend League since people always need them.

Buy these players for cheap during Black Friday and Cyber Monday then sell them next Weekend League. Go for the players that you think you can make at least about 2K or more on each sale.

A good time to buy players is right after EA drops huge special packs (anything 35K and over). Cyber Monday will be a good day for this because people will also be dumping their current Weekend League players.

Buy Players for Future Squad Building Challenges

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The players most affected by the market crash are the already cheap players. Their prices will go down even further… we’re talking dirt cheap!

When special packs are opened tons of cheap players will sell for minimum bid. This is the best time to buy them for future Squad Building Challenges like Marquee Matchups.

Look at the week ahead for potential Marquee Matchups and buy those players for cheap during the crash.  

Hmm what about that SBC Lacazette? What if EA does something similar for a different league next month?

Try and buy these players on minimum open bid if possible. That way if your SBC prediction is wrong, worst-case you can discard them and barely lose any coins.  

Invest in Popular TOTW 10 Players


The current TOTW is good. I mean real good! There are some great players in there aside from Ronaldo.

Since so many packs will be opened because of Black Friday and ST Ronaldo, TOTW 10 players are gonna be way cheaper than what they normally would be any other week.

That means their price has a good chance of rebounding once the TOTW is out of packs.

So during Black Friday and Cyber Monday look out for cheap deals on popular TOTW 10 players that you think people will want to use for the next Weekend League. Then sell them during the next Weekend League.

Don’t Forget Consumables!

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-11-23 21-55-41

Players aren’t the only cards that drop in price during the market crash. You should be able to find consumables for much less too!

Think about consumables that everyone needs to build squads… Squad Fitness cards, Hunter cards, Position Change cards, etc. 

Check their price before the market crash. Like high-demand players, there’s a good chance they’ll rebound close to that price during the next Weekend League or the one after next.There should be tons of cheap consumables on the market when 15K, Gold Rare 25K, and 35K packs are in the Store.

Buy these consumables for as cheap as possible during the crash and sell them next Weekend League.

You’ll probably make less per sale than trading with players, but if you don’t have many coins this might be a good method to make profit.

That should be enough to help you make coins during the market crash.

Even if you don’t take full advantage don’t worry… a similar crash will happen during Team of the Year!

I’ll be back with more tips to help at that time too.

Good luck and take care!

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