FIFA 17 Team of the Season

10 Ways to Prepare for TOTS in FIFA 17

This post is written in colloaboration with Goldenbear who is a Top 10 FIFA 17 market trader. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more TOTS tips!

Team of the Season (arguably the biggest promotion in FIFA 17) is nearly here!

With blue colours and huge boosted stats, TOTS in-forms celebrate world football’s best performers over the 2016/2017 season. The vast majority of these in-forms will be the highest-rated versions of some of your favourite FIFA 17 players.

With that said, with great hype comes great responsibility over your wallet. With so much going on during TOTS you’ll want to make sure you, your FUT club, and your bank account are ready of the incredible amount of hype that’s bout to hit.

Here are 10 tips to get your prepared for TOTS…

1. Sell Expensive Players (Although It’s Already Too Late)

By now it’s almost too late, as prices have been declining week after week.

Prices are already low right now,  but could they get lower? Sure. Could they raise? I can’t see that happening for one reason only: the length of TOTS (which should last over a month).

There will be loads of lightning rounds every week and EA will more than likely release TOTS Most Consistent Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Followed by the bigger leagues.

The bigger the league, the cheaper I expect player prices to be. If you play Weekend League, this is hard to do since you need a team to earn rewards, but just prepare to take a few losses here and there.

Don’t be afraid to downgrade your team and wait for the TOTS players you plan to use. Play with more untradeables rather than high end players. Everytime EA announce something and hype up an event, you will more than likely see last minute panic sellers. DON’T BE THAT GUY!

For future reference, come FIFA 18 and beyond, if you really want to sell your players for as much value as possible, sell the at least 3 weeks before TOTS or TOTY.

2. Sell Consumables

If you have consumables that are heavily used on FUT champs like Squad Fitness, Chem Styles, Attribute cards you want to sell sooner than later.

Best days in my opinion is Friday to Saturday.

However, once we get to TOTS, a ridiculous amount of packs will be opened for a whole month.

Also, people are holding loads of packs. What happens when thousands of people open up their packs at the same time? There should be a lot more supply than demand for Consumables.

3. Play Weekend League 


This one is tough to do if you go in with the wrong mentality. If you don’t have the time in your hands play all 40 games that’s totally fine. 40 games is a lot, but winning 5 games a week comes a long way.

Weekly Rewards:

Bronze 1 = 1 win = 1,000 coins & two 5K packs

Bronze 2 = 2-4 wins = 3,000 & two 7.5k packs

Bronze 3= 5-7 wins = 7,500 coins & one 25K pack

Silver 3 = 8-10 wins = 10,000 coins, one 25K pack, two 15K packs

Silver 2 = 11-13 wins = 15,000 coins, one 35K pack, one 25k pack

Silver 1 = 14-17 wins = 20,000 coins , 1 35K pack, 1 jumbo premium gold players pack (new in FIFA 17)

Gold 3 and above = 18 wins + just means you are very familiar with Weekend League reward.

It shouldn’t be too hard to win a few games each weekend. Might be worth looking into Weekend League qualifiers, sometimes you can win free packs that way as well.

This week you can win an Electrum Players Pack if you win the Daily Knockout Tournament that begins on Wednesday at 8am UK time

4. Save Your Weekend League Packs

As good as TOTW may be in the upcoming weeks,  keep this in mind: TOTS will be the best version of players for the remainder of the game.

Even with 3-6 walkouts every TOTW, TOTS will have 10+ walkouts per TOTS (after Most Consistent).

Only packs I recommend opening are guaranteed TOTW packs because once we get TOTS for a specific league, that means the league is over and those players can’t get TOTW (unless they have international games).

5. Complete SBCs for Packs

This is very important to note as this could be the easiest ways to obtain packs for TOTS.

One awesome thing about FUT this year is the amount of Squad Building Challenges that they give us every month. We are talking about League SBCs here.

Now, these league SBCs aren’t for everyone depending on how many coins you have. I don’t recommend doing the full league SBCs unless you plan to play with the player you get from it.

NOTE : You might be able to get TOTS cards with insane stats/ratings than spending coins to do the complete the whole league SBC.

What exactly must you do to get these packs?

Instead of completing the whole league, here are a few SBCs within each league that are worth doing. Depending on what packs and how many packs you want here an examples of SBCs you can do that are highly profitable for what you pay:

League: SuperLig


  • Besiktas approx cost 5.5k Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Fenerbache approx cost 5.5k Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Galatasaray approx cost 3.5k Reward: Rare Gold Pack
  • Trabzonspor approx cost 5.5k Reward: Rare Gold Pack

If you do all the SBCs listed above it’s going to cost you approx. 20k Coins, but the value of all the packs together is 100k. We are talking about a savings of 80%. That’s huge when you add up all the other team SBCs with the big league SBC.

The FIFA Reddit (r/FIFA) has a great spreadsheet that keeps track of the prices of some great, profitable League SBCs. You can find that here.

6. Make Player Shopping List

Entering a market crash and a promo as big as TOTS you always have to go in it with a plan. If you don’t know what you are going to do ahead of time then you might miss out on opportunities to pick up a player when they are near their lowest price point.

This is something I do on a weekly basis . You want to look at your budget for starters. Put together a concept squad right now of players (excluding TOTS) that you want to buy sometime during TOTS.

Look to see what they going for now and compare the price during the weekend, and again during rewards.

This is super important because these are the 2 times that it’s going to be important to check in general no matter what players you plan to purchase. What I recommend doing is keeping a piece of paper with this info in it, and keep changing it over time based on player price fluctuation.

You should also plan a list of Team of the Season players you want to buy and add those players as well as any other potential purchases to your Transfer Targets. Make sure you see what they go for on Open Bid as well as seeing if they sell at the lowest Buy It Now.

Right now I have a long list of top-tier players that I plan to buy with the likes of NIF Bale, NIF Ronaldo, a few legends like Gullit, Vieira, Best, etc. I have them all on Concepts so i don’t forget to check the prices during the crash.

The last thing you want to do is overpay and buy to early.

Also think about a price you’d be willing to pay for a big player you want to buy. Sometime waiting for the perfect time to buy a player at his lowest point is stressful. Know that there’s a good chance you may miss out on finding that player at his lowest.

So pick a price that you think the player has a good chance of hitting. And if you see him for that price, buy him and don’t look back. You could save yourself tons of stress and anxiety.


For example, ChuBoi recently bought Rio Ferdinand for 510K coins last week. Ferdinand may go down to as low as 470K, but in his mind 510K was already a low enough price for one of the best Legend defenders in the game. He bought Rio, and moved on. Job done.

7. Using FUTBIN to look for extinct players in your club

This has been a really useful tool for me in determining what players are extinct and just chilling in my club. Knowing this info could be super profitable if you execute this at the right time.

In order to do this, you want to go to FUTBIN > Players (on the top left) > Fifa 17 Players. Under versions select the Quality players you are looking for. Example: Golds, Silvers, Bronze, IFs, etc.

What you are going to want to do next is select the Platform (Xbox or PS) under the green line right above the players and order by Xbox/ PS price. Hitting it twice will allow you to search from Low to High. Low meaning 0, in this case extinct.

FUTBIN doesn’t run 100% on-the-money all the time, but I have found it to be somewhat accurate. Look through all the player prices and if any names ring a bell go ahead and sell them off.

Also check if some random players in your club are selling for a decent price because of any SBCs.

8. Do Not Sell 81+ Players

Everyone has seen what type of SBCs we get for big promos. TOTS should be no different.

If you are a firm believer that we will get TOTS Player SBCs, it might be worth holding on to your 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 rated cards if they are not going for a crazy amount of coins.

Yes it is true that TOTS is probably the biggest promo for FUT since it lasts over a month, but if they hit us with a player SBC the first week then last thing you want to do is have to buy a lot of players when everyone else is.

If they do not release a player SBC the first week, and gold player prices drop a bit then don’t panic. Hold them in your club if you plan to use them to submit for SBCs later on

9. Buy or Hang On To Discard IFS & Special Cards

Discard IF investing has been a thing since I can remember. The idea is to buy a gold IF card for around  what it quicksells for.

Example: Liga NOS CB 81 Raul quicksells for 9,882 coins. His minimum is 9.9K coins. It is rare when you can find an IF player for literally quicksell so having any IF cards near that value could be very beneficial.

Quick sell to me = 10-11k . Again, better to keep these near discard IFs in case they are used for an SBC than having to pay 15k + for an IF later on. Worst thing, you lose 1k coins on that IF.

No matter what, you will find the use of discard IFs later down the road. We have also seen special cards like TOTT cards and MOTM cards be used for SBCs, specifically player SBCs and POTM which is coming up in the next couple weeks.

10. Open Packs at the Right Time. Save $ on MSP & PSN 

There are loads of deals right now for Microsoft Points and PSN cards where you can save money on gift cards. When they announce TOTS, loads of people will be looking for deals to save money.

Here are some gift card deals from G2A. If you plan to stock up for TOTS, the sooner you buy, the better. Any deals will more than likely be gone as TOTS approaches. 

Use CHUBOI for 3% cashback at checkout.





Be smart on how you spend your money as well. Don’t go out and dump your money during TOTS Most Consistent. I can almost guarantee that’s going to be the week with the least amount of value.

Whatever league comes out after TOTS MC will be a big league, and there will be a lot of demand for the players that are coming out in this TOTS. This will be a very good time to open packs for both the people spending real money or for those who were saving their packs.

Also, don’t spend money on a TOTS you don’t care about. For example: if you mostly play with a Premier League team don’t give into the hype and blow your money during the La Liga TOTS.

For the last few years EA have been pretty consistent with how they release the big leagues.

Knowing how things happened last year is a good idea of what to expect this year. EA have done a lot of things different this year. I wouldn’t put it passed them to change the order in which TOTS is released.

But for those wondering, this was the FIFA 16 TOTS release dates:

  • Most Consistent TOTS: April 29th, 2016
  • Premier League TOTS: May 6th 2016
  • Football League TOTS & Benelux TOTS: May 9th, 2016
  • Bundesliga TOTS: May 13th, 2016
  • Saudi ALJ League TOTS & Primeira Liga NOS TOTS: May 16th, 2016
  • La Liga TOTS: May 20th, 2016
  • Russian League TOTS & Latin America TOTS: May 23rd, 2016
  • Serie A TOTS: May 27th, 2016
  • Ligue 1 TOTS: May 27th, 2016
  • Rest of World TOTS: May 30th, 2016
  • Turkey Super Lig TOTS: May 30th, 2016
  • EA SPORTS TOTS: June 3rd, 2016
  • MLS All-Stars TOTS: July 26th, 2016

Yes, it would be ideal to wait to open packs until the end of TOTS, but by then all player prices that came out prior have gone down a lot. Now that you know the leagues that are in it, I highly recommend strategizing everything we have talked about and making that game plan.

Good Luck!


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